Monday, July 4, 2011

Iliganon cheers Azkals against Sri Lanka

ILIGAN, Footballers of Iligan cheers Azkals in the qualifying match against Sri Lanka, Last June 29 and yesterday July 3, 2011. Supported by the members of BlackSheep FC (local FC of iligan) They are united as one for one purpose, Supporting Azkals believing on them showing the love of Azkals and the love of football in the country, "We love football, we play football, we are encouraging footballers around the country to shoot also while watching the game of azkals, this is our means to show support for the Ph National Football Team, before we only cheers and watch together with our favorite International Clubs and World Cup Teams, but now we are really supporting and cheering for our own country and team! this is not a dream this is football, lets make Philippines a FOOT CRAZE country! Nothing is impossible as always taught we BELIEVE! Go azkals Go!" -Marlyndon B. Roco BSFC Pres.

June 29, 2011 Azkals 1-1 Sri Lanka : Leg 1

July 3, 2011 Azkals 4-0 Sri Lanka : Leg 2

This clip was featured this afternoon at ABS CBN Northern Mindanao.

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