Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Filipinos should play FOOTBALL

The game of football is any of several team sport, of similar origins which involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball with the foot in an attempt to score a goal. Association football, commonly known as football or soccer. Paulino Alcantara from Ilo-Ilo Philippines,1896-Barcelona, 1964. Is the highest goal soccer in the club’s history with 357 goals in 357 games. His characteristics deceptive appearance made him popular with the fans to the point of being the first star of the club.
To begin with, the world is going crazy over football. Anywhere in the world, football is the most famous sports. Through televesion footage, everybodies aware how exciting the game football is. It is the most played sport. Football has been the most played sport in the most countries and continents.
In addition, football is a suitable sport for Filipinos. The height, the size and the body build of a Filipino are very conducive for him to become a football player. Many coaches and football players around the world are saying that football is a more preferable sport for Filipinos because not all of the filipinos are tall. Football can be played anytime in the year. Since Philippines is a tropical country, football can be played on its countrys weather condition.
Lastly, because of the Philippine Football Team “AZKALS”, the love of football had spread throughout the country. It is the most talked sport of the media. National TV networks provide a live telecast on their match’s. They got tremendous support from the fans. During their previous match with Mongolia in Panaad Stadium, Bacolod Philippines, the ticket was sold out. A huge attendance of people all over the country watched the game to support the AZKALS. Excellent support from social networks like facebook, fan sites and twitter. Nationwide recruitment for football team has been done. 


  1. Nice article. Indeed, football is one of the most famous sports today and it even hit the Filipinos' interest. My boyfriend plays football though I know he's not as good as national players but his interest in the game is really super high. lol. and he didn't miss any AZKALZ's games.

  2. Football excitement is really different in any other sport! I am a footballer at the same time a BIG FAN of azkals! Azkals change the lives of every footballer in Philippines, Filipino Footballers are really thankful to the Azkals, because of their achievement FILIPINOS were influenced to play and love the sport FOOTBALL! I hope more and more of Filipino people will have a chance to embrace the sport!