Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Iligan, Night of December 17, 2011, It was a horrible night when most of the clubs were in Mindanao Civic Center who participated the 1st Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte Football Cup. Around 2:00 am we already received shocking and breath taking text messages coming over from Iligan specially from our home Emerald Homes Subd. Lambaguhon.  My partner said on the text message "I-ampo me kay ang tubig taga hawak na". It was so hard to breath and imagine that I can't do anything about it because we were far from home, Same feelings happen to some footballers who were their. The only thing that I can do is PRAY, so then I woke up my team mates to pray with me. Its barely hard to sleep, i kept on walking and walking tears came down. Around 3:00 am I was calmed when I heard the voice of my Mother, Grandmother and my Partner that they were all safe in our neighbors two story house, thanks to our neighbor Engr. Celso Layos.

Me and my club mates decided to thank God by doing public serving, BlackSheep F.C. prepared Arozcaldo for the victims of Sendong. This fund is supposed to be for our Christmas Party. It was the night of December 21, 2011 when we Initiated Feeding Program in Brgy. Hinaplanon.

Preparation before take off

Entering Iligan City East High School, Brgy Hinaplanon.

Gate of ICEHS

We prepared Halal, ALHAMDULILLAH!!

Taken in-front of G-MART. side of Enang's Grill

Front of G-MART.

Kiddo's xD

Hai Hai hai!!! Viva BLACKSHEEP!

FC95 with DUBAI OFW Relief Good OPERATION! 
December 28, 2011

Pipo,Da Funk, Rufino


December 27, 2011

Thank you to Atty. Alex Macabangkit for supporting in the relief operation of Sagip Kapamilya -Bong Dalman Valbuena


  1. Ang galing naman. Meron pala tayong mga kababayan na may ganitong ginagawa in the name of Football. Hindi ko rin alam na madami pala tayong kababayan sa ibang lugar sa Pinas na mahal ang football. sana magkaroon nang maraming TV program at broadcast about football. Mas sisikat tayo dito kesa basketball.

  2. I think that it is great that you are trying to help the people in need and it should be. Because kids want to be soccer players and if the people that they want to be like. They are helping them. they will trying their best to fulfill that dream.

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