Sunday, April 17, 2011

Inter-Barangay Men's open match report: 06/17/11

Iligan City, April 17, 2011 This is the second day of the tournament, the Game 1 is between Ditucalan A vs Palao C, It was hard for the Ditucalan to score with the Palao boys, in fact they only scored once in the last 8mins of the second half, Full time 2-1, Palao C beats Ditucalan A with 1 goal nil! In the other side of the pitch, the match between Tibanga and Palao A is quite a no challenge for the Tibanga booters, Tibanga booters scored a brillant 8-1 for the Palao A booters, In about 9am the Game 2 will start, Pitch 1 will be Palao B vs Tubod, the Palao B are very aggressive to start the match! but unfortunately Tubod again is no show for the second day of he tourney, in the Pitch 2 the match between Mahayahay and Ditucalan B is started, it was quite a exciting game! Most of the Ditucalan B booters are still young unlike with the veterans and skillful Mahayahay booters, but despite of he fact they tied against Mahayahay, Full time 2-2. 

Result of Match

Game 1

Pitch 1 @8am - Palao C vs Ditucalan A - 2-1
Pitch 2 @8am - Tibanga vs Palao A - 8-1

Game 2

Pitch 1 @9am - Palao B vs Tubod 3-0
Pitch 2 @9am - Mahayahay vs Ditucalan B 2-2

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