Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday League Season 4 Champions: 35 above!

Iligan City, April 17, 2011 They made it, 35 above or the Iligan's Legends beats the all young footballers Wonderful FC. Wonderful FC is the Champions for the 2nd and 3rd League of Sunday League, According to the Wonderful FC Manager Mr. Ezrah Macaraeg which i had spoken "Dli jud ni sila basta basta rocs, kabalo jud ko na mga Legendary ang ilang ma kontra karon, sakto jud akong mga expectations base lang sa among previous na dula na gi apas me nila og tie," Macaraeg added. The attacks of Young Booters was quite frequent and fast, it was like a 30 - 70. 70% attacking by the Young Booters and 30% for the Legends, It was really hard for the Young Booters to penetrate because of the defensive tactics of the Legends, The Legends defenders reads the play of the Young Booters, successively  Young Booters was called off-side. It was a giggling match for the both teams, In the first half Young Booters scored first, but the Legends scored from a cross and volleyed, GOAL! In the second have frequent attacks again by the Young Booters, but one miracle counter attack by the Legends forward, GOAL! 2-1, It was a crucial situation for the Young Booters, before the last whistle blow a faulty move of the Legends sweeper made a goal for the Young Booters, Second half ended. Additional Time of 10mins per half was added. No progress in the first and second half added time, they proceed to Penalty shot-out. It was a victory for the Legends! 

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