Friday, May 13, 2011

Suarez pitch-on the progress

SUAREZ, Iligan city, finally after a week of waiting, the Suarez booters request to put up a movable football goal was granted by the Commanding Officer LTC Angel I. Madarang INF (GSC) PA, The football goals are from the local FA, LANOFA which was borrowed by the Suarez booters. We are thanking our very own Brgy. Captain for the support Hon. Marcelo "Butch" Gellica Jr, Atty. Alex Macabangkit and the people behind LANOFA for letting us borrow the Goals, we also not forget to thank the Suarez booters to make it possible!

Game Game Game

request letter

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  1. Make your own Football net using "nylon cord/rope" bought at local hardware stores for about 100-200 Pesos depending on size of rope. 3-4mm to better withstand weathering. Instructions in YouTube.