Monday, March 28, 2011

Donate - Iligan United Football Club (IUFC)

ILIGAN UNITED FC is asking everyone for support our ILIGAN FOOTBALL TEAM (representing ILIGAN CITY ) is in need of SOCCER BALLS any support you can give is very much appreciated if you would like to help just write on comments section of this post and we will monitor and list down those members that can share there love to the ILIGAN FOOTBALL TEAM we will be coordinating with various group or organization to also support our project. Members of the IUFC- Dubai has pledged there support. IUFC- USA CALIFORNIA has been coordinating with various group especially the freemasons of california southern districts also some private sectors and personal friends. We really appreciate your kind support and help of our football team this is just the beginning of our long journey to put iligan football team to where it is suppose to belong. It suppose to belong to the TOP TEN FOOTBALL TEAMS IN THE  COUNTRY and it will STARTS with you my friend. Again, we at the ILIGAN UNITED FC like to 
 thank everyone for there kind support and help. Let's keep the ball rolling. God bless us all. Thank You

Ralph Sacayle


  1. Hi my name is Carl and i currently live in England and i am coming to live in iligan city real soon with my girlfriend Yvonne, and i love football and cant wait to come and watch you play, im not sure where you actually play your football but i will be living near the Elena tower hotel, i would love to hear from anyone in iligan who could tell me a bit about your club, look forward to hearing from anyone.. Carl

    1. Good day Carl, I am Marlyndon, I lived in Iligan, I am the owner of this blog, hope to see you soon on iligan, you can email me here:
      thank you.